24 Mar Data dissemination

Due to the inherent importance for solar energy, health and environmental protection industries, it is essential that the NOA team make their results as accessible as possible. They have already achieved some success in this context, contributing regular UV maps and forecasts to Greek weather information websites. In further support of this activity, the team are also keen to directly contact relevant stakeholders across the political and business spectrum to maximize the potential utility of their system.

While it is impossible to fully predict the future benefits and opportunities created by the information that the NOA team now provide, it is clear that an improved and real-time understanding of the strength of solar radiation will be highly useful. This information will enable the solar industry to better plan photovoltaic, artificial photosynthetic or solar biofuel installations, which in turn will boost the relative contribution of these clean energies to national portfolios. In addition, the ability to monitor and even predict UV radiation will allow healthcare providers and other stakeholders to develop tools and products required to ameliorate this risk. In countries such as Australia, where UV exposure is a significant contributor to health outcomes, this knowledge could become an essential cornerstone of health planning.

One of the most exciting applications in this context is giving the general public the power and responsibility to monitor their own UV exposure, and as such encourage grassroots management of both over- and underexposure. Crucially, all of these potential applications are underpinned by the NOA group’s efforts. The modeling system they have developed has required expertise from Earth observation and environmental scientists to mathematicians and systems engineers. This highly skilled and multidisciplinary team has made a significant contribution to the appreciation of the fundamental relationship between the Sun, the atmosphere and the environment.

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