24 Mar The APPlication of information

One of the most exciting applications of solar radiation spectra, in addition to solar energy forecasting, is being able to provide  real-time UV radiation alerts to the general public. In the not-too-distant future, app developers will be able to create mobile applications that pull data from the NOA solar energy applications website (solea.gr) and combine it with users’ GPS information to provide real-time estimates of solar power generation as well as UV health alerts.  Smartphone apps that help engineers where best to install solar panels or people how high the level of UV radiation is in their area, can use their results.

Looking further ahead still, this project has important implications for a range of emerging technologies: “Exciting prospective technologies like artificial photosynthesis and cyanobacteria solar biofuel storage systems are highly sensitive to UV radiation,” enthuses Taylor. These industries– perhaps even more so than photovoltaic stakeholders – will need a detailed and continuous analysis of solar radiation spectral patterns and trends.

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